We endeavour to provide our students access to every opportunity to reach their potential, to become global citizens and make their own impact on the world.

Your support for learning and enhancing the university experience can help elevate every student to the heights of achievement of which we know they are capable.

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Academic Scholarships

Support our scholarships designed to provide financial support to students in need and recognise students who have achieved outstanding results.

Learning and Development Scholarships

Make education accessible by supporting our Learning and Development Scholarship Fund.

Your gift will provide support to students struggling with the financial burden of their tertiary studies.

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Excellence Scholarships

Excellence Scholarships recognise and reward academically gifted students who have achieved outstanding results in their Higher School Certificate, or equivalent.

Invest in a bright future.

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Start Your Own Scholarship

Named scholarships offer you choice. Create one in your name or honour another. Recognise excellence, encourage research or support the disadvantaged.

Share your passion.

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Student Experience

Whether it’s living abroad, work experience or life-long relationships – there are a number of ways to enrich the UOW experience with growth, wellness and achievement.

Student Mobility

Studying abroad is a truly enriching experience. Students return as global citizens, confident, driven, open-minded and ready to make their mark on the global stage. You can offer the adventure of a lifetime.

Give the gift of adventure.

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Work Integrated Learning Scholarships

Our Work Integrated Learning Scholarships offer work placements, allowing students to learn and apply real life work skills throughout their studies.

Fast track students to a fulfilling career.

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Accommodation Scholarships

Accommodation expenses can be a major barrier for someone with hopes to study at University. Your support can enable a student to focus on their studies, and enjoy their University experience.

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Student Research

Our research students are an integral part of UOW’s greatest breakthroughs. Your support could empower one of them to change the world.

PhD Scholarships

Three years of research in a specific field demands discipline, determination and passion. PhD Scholarships aim to fuel this drive for exploration and discovery. There are ideas ranging from the fields of health and medical science, education and creative arts, all waiting to be unlocked.

Enable the pursuit of knowledge.

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Graduate Research Scholarships

Graduate Research degrees give students the opportunity to work with the best in their chosen field in a supportive research environment. They’ll gain skills and experience that will enable them to make life-changing breakthroughs in their professional career.

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UOW transforms lives and regions. Our students will become graduates who will enhance the communities they join. Our researchers are committed to solving real world problems.

Enhancing Community

Your support will nurture innovative developments, cultural celebrations and educational accessibility in all the communities in which we operate.

Feel Good

Giving through philanthropy nourishes who you are. Create tangible moments that have far reaching benefits.

We give what you give

Your whole gift is allocated to its intended purpose. UOW does not take administrative fees from the donations we gratefully receive.


Live your values by supporting what matters to you. Whether you are passionate about students, research or the community, you can make a difference by supporting UOW.

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