Our researchers are continuing to change the world with their ideas and ground-breaking research, meeting global challenges in sustainability, health and wellbeing and industry innovation.

Your support can help shine a light on new and exciting discoveries.

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Global Challenges

Shine a light on the explorations of our best researchers and make discoveries, transforming lives on a global scale.

Sustaining Coastal and Marine Zones

We’re assembling experts in biology, marine conservation, geography and law to find out how coastal and marine environments can be protected and preserved.

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Manufacturing Innovations

Bringing together experts in engineering, design, economics and social sciences to explore new technologies and industries.

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Living Well Longer

This research examines how to live well throughout the course of our lives and what is needed to ensure a better quality of life in later years.

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Transforming Lives and Regions

Tackling social issues such as environmental sustainability, obesity prevention and corporate responsibility, UOW aims to transform our community and region.

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Health & Medical

By investing in health and medical research at UOW you’ll be contributing to achievements ranging from breakthroughs in the treatment of Prostate Cancer to discoveries in Motor Neurone Disease.

Cancer Research

Cancer creates a significant burden on the community. So many lives have been touched by cancer.

Your support can help our researchers continue their work in early cancer detection and improved treatment methods.

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Motor Neurone Disease Research

Our researchers are working hard to understand the causes of motor neurone disease and bring us one step closer to finding a cure.

Your gift will help researchers monitor genes at a single molecule resolution, which can identify processes that could be used for new therapies.

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Dementia Care Research

Australia’s ageing population has made dementia an ever growing concern.

Help our researchers find ways to improve the lives of dementia patients by creating dementia friendly communities.

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Building Capacity

Provide our students and researchers with world-class facilities and ensure a standard of excellence in their education and research.

Professorial Chairs

Funding a professorial chair allows you to appoint an established academic to lead research in a specific area.

We are aiming to raise funds for chairs in the areas of aged care, mental health and wellbeing, and information technology.

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Health and Medical Infrastructure

Help us expand our health and medical facilities by providing access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology. These resources will significantly benefit our students’ education in these fields.

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Engineering and Information Sciences Infrastructure

Industries in engineering and information technology demand up-to-date facilities and technology platforms.

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Why Give

UOW transforms lives and regions. Our students will become graduates who will enhance the communities they join. Our researchers are committed to solving real world problems.

Enhancing Community

Your support will nurture innovative developments, cultural celebrations and educational accessibility in all the communities in which we operate.

Feel Good

Giving through philanthropy nourishes who you are. Create tangible moments that have far reaching benefits.

We give what you give

Your whole gift is allocated to its intended purpose. UOW does not take administrative fees from the donations we gratefully receive.


Live your values by supporting what matters to you. Whether you are passionate about students, research or the community, you can make a difference by supporting UOW.

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